Compact living is the new black! The new compact furniture revolution

In the urban centres of the future, growing populations will occupy shrinking amounts of square metres. Living space is at a premium, and real-estate prices are rising. So, expansive tables and sprawling sectional sofas are out, and compact furniture is in. A slim loveseat, a stool that doubles as a side table, a mobile home office – they all do the job without taking up too much space. Furniture designers are responding to this trend with small, dainty sofas featuring slender legs and shallow upholstery. Likewise, the latest home office workstations have reduced size, and are mounted on castors for versatility, or are designed to fold away easily. Häfele Functionality is synonymous with smart furniture solutions based on innovative hardware technology, offering added value in small spaces on the principle of “More life per square metre”.


Photo: Compact working is here! This space-saving home office workstation easily folds away when not in use. © müller möbelwerkstätten

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