Relax! The latest beanbags offer elegance and flexibility

Beanbags are the very symbol of young, flexible furniture, and this year they are enjoying a real comeback – or at least an elegant version of them is.

Beanbags have grown up into chairs that are close to the ground. The advantage of these over classic sofas is their diversity. Individual elements can be placed close together or far apart, in small groups to encourage communication, or as a reclining chair. If you like, you can take your seating element out onto the balcony. The new interpretations of the beanbag are impressive not only because of their high-quality material and minimalistic design, they also offer fun for the whole family: whilst the adults are sitting comfortably together, the kids can romp around on the seat cushions.

Photo: For 2018, the Pantone Colour Institute selected “Ultra Violet” as the new colour of the year, replacing its predecessor “Greenery”. © shutterstock

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