Perfectly camouflaged – concealed kitchens are “in”

The latest must-have kitchen is one that is barely noticeable. However, one couldn’t fail to spot it at this year’s Eurocucina trade show in Milan. Open areas such as built-in sinks, hobs, and even pantries are now hidden away behind handle-less pivot, folding or sliding doors. They may even be housed in separate, closed pieces of furniture. The Häfele-designed single-line kitchen successfully combines functional work zones with compact design.

With the Finetta Spinfront fittings, the innovative pocket doors can be stored away into the cabinets in a flash, so you can easily open and close the single-line kitchen as needed. When closed, it’s visually unobtrusive. The “open sesame” capability comes in handy when you don’t have time to wash the dishes. Just close the cabinets and presto, you’ve “tidied up” and made the place presentable!

Photo: Concealed in a flash: Thanks to innovative pocket doors, the Häfele-designed single-line kitchen can be opened and closed as needed. © Häfele

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