Slip into the comfort zone! 

Velvety-soft upholstery, cosy wool plaids, an open fire, comforting sheepskins and relaxing music on your sound system. When there’s heavy raining outside and temperatures drop, we want to stay in our comfort zone more than anything else.

The “Cosy Living” trend accomplishes this desire for comfort, turning our homes into an oasis of well-being. With long-pile rugs covering large areas, wallpapers in harmonious tones and squashy low sofa landscapes, your living room encourages you to stay a while. Soft cushions, sisal baskets, fine tableware, rocking chairs or arrangements of differently sized pillar candles on a tray all create a sense of well-being. Now, it’s time to head home for a cosy gathering with friends and family.

Photo: The “knot” cushions are luxuriously soft and bring a smile to your face – perfect for creating that sense of well-being. © imm cologne/Design House Stockholm

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