A Classic Making a Comeback: The Revival of Glass Display Cabinets

From now on, you no longer have to hide your finest tableware behind closed cabinet doors since glass display cabinets are enjoying a comeback this year, putting the spotlight on our belongings. Quite literally: the new glass display cabinets with innovative LED lighting systems skilfully draw attention to the items placed in them, while their indirect light creates a pleasant atmosphere. Cabinets that leave the factory without any illumination can easily be retrofitted with the Loox LED system from Häfele. The versatile and modular Loox product range contains a selection of suitable LED strip lighting and lights for all lighting moods and types. The new glass furniture is as versatile as the current design trends – shabby chic, country house, industrial, or streamlined and modern.

Photo: Classic meets modern: transparent fronts give wooden furniture a light and airy appearance, offering space for everything that we want to show off. © imm cologne/team7

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