Relaxation for the senses – Furnishings in light wood

It smells nice, feels good to the touch, and goes well with patterns and colours. Light wood is back. Native woods in particular, like oak, beech, spruce, and pine, are synonymous with a nature-loving lifestyle, match any decor, and bolster the manufacturer’s green credentials. Light wood is a great material for solid wood furniture, home accessories, and furniture fronts. The wood is treated gently with oil or wax to show off its natural grain to best advantage. To achieve a contemporary, minimalist look, designers are doing away with conspicuous features such as handles. Instead, they are employing unobtrusive push-to-open technology and innovative hardware solutions from Häfele for handle-free fronts.


Photo: Light woods are synonymous with a nature-loving lifestyle and match any decor. © hülsta/imm cologne

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