Open Plan Living – One space, different zones

A trend that started in the kitchen is now spreading to the entire living space: rooms are being opened up, losing their clearly defined boundaries. With dividing walls eliminated, kitchen, bathroom, and hallway flow seamlessly into the living room. Even in smaller apartments, this creates a sense of spaciousness and lets in more natural light.

Curtains, sofas, open shelving, or sliding doors are used to divide up the space and visibly delineate sanctuaries and functional zones. Häfele’s Silent Aluflex sliding door system allows you to structure open-concept living spaces to meet your needs. Architectural features such as beams, niches, and stairs can serve as optical reference points in defining the different zones.


Photo: The bathroom flows seamlessly into the living room, as seen in Sebastian Herkner’s installation “Das Haus” at the imm cologne furniture show. © imm cologne

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