Show it all off with open-concept storage space solutions

Stylish kitchen accessories, attractively bound cookbooks, even fresh herbs – together, they make delicious eye candy. Show them off to best effect using open-concept storage space solutions, which not only keep the kitchen bright and airy, but also offer amazing capacity. Open shelving works in even the smallest of kitchens. Fit shelves in midway systems or around projecting walls to make optimum use of the space. A storage space organizer with visual impact, such as a railing system from Häfele, lets you position every detail artfully and turn decorative spice jars or knife blocks into a feature. If you want to have the flexibility to change the look of your kitchen, go for wall units with roller shutters or elegant flaps. Then you have the best of both worlds: open-concept kitchen storage space that you can close away anytime.


Photo: A railing system combines flexible storage space for kitchen utensils with visual impact. Aluminium railing system © Häfele

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